Clean Room Partition

We feel pleased to present ourselves as best clean room partition manufacturer india. Our company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified proprietary firms based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We are manufacturer and supplier of modular clean room panels and partitions such as Modular Clean Room Wall Partition And Panels, Flush Doors, Ceiling Panel, and Glass View Panels. Modular Laboratory Furniture is being used in the cleanrooms all over the world in a wide range. Our provided system is willingly adaptable to meet the requirements and specification of all the cleanroom classifications as determined by the latest GMP guidelines used in respective pharmaceutical applications.

Clean Room Systems from MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd can be applied to any tidy up room office or assembling arrangement requiring controlled climate. These frameworks can be coordinated with new just as existing frameworks. Particular and worked on development strategies are utilized for lessening generally construction time and cost.

Features :

  • Board Height : Up to 6000mm with arrangement to have stacked boards for more elevated level applications
  • Base Detail: Raised/C-Type Base
  • Infill Material: Mineral Wool, Honeycomb kraft paper with aluminum center guarantees board unbending nature and Polyurethane Foam
  • Board Weight: Depend upon Specification and Thickness of Panel
  • Surface Finish: Epoxy Polyester Powder covered according to RAL tones, SS Finish (matt/reflect finish)
  • Board Connection: Each Panel is associated with its neighboring unit or entryway unit with a grinding type Heavy Duty Clip. This permits rapid establishment and destroying
  • Frosting: Double flush frosting with 5mm hardened glass on the two sides inside a treated Steel/Powder covered outlining
  • Entryway: Steel lock shaped development – discretionary twofold and single coated
  • Acoustic: Solid board – Rw 41 db – (BS 5821)
  • Air Leakage: Silicon Sealant for fixed application

Clean Room Partition Manufacturer

As India’s leading manufacturing company of modular clean room partition, our manufacturing company believes in providing best quality machines and for that we always use supreme quality raw material and all are products manufactured as per gmp/ cgmp regulations. We are providing you a complete range of partition walls, Stainless Steel Clean Room Wall Partition Panels, and ceiling systems they are absolutely available to meet the technical requirements of the controlled environment rooms.In our company We follow strict quality tests for all are products like A complete range of partition walls, ceiling systems, Modular Laboratory Furniture, Flush Doors, Wall Partition Panels, Glass View Panel, Clean Room Equipment.

Clean Room Flooring

With our modular cleanrooms flooring, you will have the ability to Adjust and maintain the humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors that exist in your room. Our company’s clean room floorings are Fully-customizable designs and it combined with modular wiring which create the most flexible building system on the market today. MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd, our provided cleanroom systems has the latest technology &best engineered design of modular Cleanroom partition, Ceilings, flooring& the state of the Art flush doors, Windows for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology &can environmental cleanroom. At our manufacturing company the Modular Clean Room flooring facilities are designed and manufactured for maximum adaptability and to provide for minimal operational disorder or downtime.

Clean Room Partition Suppliers in India

Our offering system can be integrated with any new or existing systems to build a clean and disinfected room environment and Modular Clean Room panel or Ceiling and Clean Room Partition are perfect for today’s demands within Electronics, Automotive, Pharmaceutical industry and Laboratory.Our provided Cleanroom partitions and other systems depend on precisely controlled environmental conditions. To minimize pollution risks and protect people and assets, our technological infrastructure must adhere to the most stringent quality standards. We use decades of experience of our team member to customize your integrated cleanroom partition system according to your specific requirements, ensuring all environmental parameters are controlled, monitored and securely stored.

Modular Clean Room Partition Manufacturers in Gujarat

MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd offers different Clean Room Partition that can be adapted to a variety of clean room modular systems. We are India’s best Modular Clean Room Partition Manufacturers in Gujarat, Ahmedabad. Our manufactured products have amazing features like excellent performance, factory prefabrication, on-site splicing, and easy module installation. We also manufacture other products like Laboratory Furniture, Pass Box for Clean Room, Sterile Garment Cabinet, HPL Clean Room Panels, Glazed View Panels, and Ductless Fume Hood. The Modular Clean Room Partition has various core materials and According to different environments like fireproof, heat preservation, moisture proof, and noise reduction etc., different core materials are chosen to adapt different clean room requirements.

Modular Clean Room Doors

Modular Clean Room Doors from MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd help customers maintain a clean or hygienic work environment. Keeping a decent environment may be relevant to certain applications, such as laboratory work and pharmaceutical packaging. With our Modular Clean Room Doors, you will be able to tweak or design your room any way you desire and you also have the ability to move or relocate your room. We also manufacture and supply Modular Laboratory Furniture, Laminar Air Flow Unit, Double Entry Fume Hood, and Bench Top Fume Hood. We also provide you services like Roof-loading and Custom pass- trough and it can be built according to your specifications.

Clean Room Ceiling

Our company provides complete flexibility with demountable walls allowing panels to be modified or removed without disturbing adjacent wall ceiling.Our all systems use similar components so the aesthetics are consistent throughout and both can be effortlessly integrated with existing modular wall systems. Clean Room partition Systems from us can be applied to any clean room facility or manufacturing setup requiring controlled environment. These setup can be integrated with new systems as well as existing systems. This Modular and simplified construction methods are used for reducing overall construction cost as well time. Each ceiling is connected to its adjacent unit or door unit with a friction type Heavy Duty Clip. This allows speedy installation and dismantling.

Clean Room Accessories

As a manufacturer and supplier of clean room, we offers not only a wide range of equipment but also a complete range of clean room accessories, from clean room clothing right up to furniture and SS Pass Box, Laminar Air Flow Unit and Clean Room Air Shower.

  • HEPA Filters
  • Clean Room Air Shower
  • Sterile Garment Cabinet
  • Clean Room Storage Cabinet
  • Cut outs and piping for cleanroom through system
  • Duct Fume Hood
  • SS Pass Box
Clean Room Partition wall

Lab Furniture

We bring you perfectcleanroom furniture for use in education building, static control areas, and laboratories. Choosing the right laboratory and cleanroom furnishings for your facility ensures your environment is kept sterile at all times. We are considered among the few of the companies that use GI skin pass material, a material that is immeasurably being used in abroad countries to maintain the high quality standards at the clean room and laboratories. The integration of the different modules is achieved by using the topmost high quality SS screw, nuts/bolts to avoid erosion/corrosion and maintain the high level of hygiene. Our modular laboratory furniture has gained wide acceptance in pharmaceuticals, food processes, health care, clean room, operating rooms.

Laboratory Furniture

MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd, we manufacture and supply high quality Laboratory Furniture for the places like schools, Hospitals, collages etc. In tune with focus on all specifications & requirements of our respected clients, the provided range is made using supreme grade material and innovative tools & machines. Aside From this, our offered range can be availed by our clients at competitive price. We also manufacture products like Modular Clean Room Wall Partition Panels, Clean Room Modular Flush Doors,and Walk on Clean Room Modular Ceiling Panel, Clean Room Glass View Panels, and Modular Laboratory Furniture. We offer the best client choice for Laboratory Furniture available on the market. We will deliver all products to you fully assembled and ready for immediate install, whilst still offering you very competitive Prices you will find hard to beat!

Laboratory Fume Hood

We are Laboratory Fume Hood Manufacturer in India and we also manufactures and install Modular Clean Room Wall Partition Panels, Clean Room Modular Flush Doors, and Clean Room Glass View Panels. Our provided fume hoods are available in difference configurations, ranging from small bench top to the larger cabinet type. We also can easily accommodate in small size space laboratories as well as lager size laboratories.Further, custom made range of the same is also available at the best prices in the company. For us Customer service has always been a top priority at MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltdand our extremely knowledgeable staff member can also assist you in planning your laboratory. From room layout to installation, our in-house designers and engineers use their decades of laboratory design experience to customize your application needs and requirements.

Modular Laboratory Furniture

In Our Company all the modular laboratory furniture was designed and manufactured keeping the international quality standards in mind and our first priority to fit our laboratory furniture with your laboratory/ clean room requirements.Modular laboratory Furniture includes products like Sitting Height Cabinets, Standing Height Cabinets, Fume Hood Base Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, Tall Cabinets, Sterile Garment Cabinet, Clean Room Storage Cabinet. We already have gained the trust of clients belonging from Gujarat, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Assam, and foreign countries as well.

SS Furniture

In our company we manufactured these SS Furniture using best quality stainless steel alloy. The grade and sizes are decided later according to the specification and requirements which are provided by our respected clients. Basically these stainless steal Furniture are mostly used in varied places like labs, buildings, offices, workplaces, schools, colleges, hospitals and many more. Our provided SS Furniture Are very much in demand in the Currant Indian Market for Its Unique looks and Outstanding Quality. We manufacture and supply SS furniture in almost every city or district of India. We arrange High-Tech Workshops with Most Current Tools and Systems for our manufactured product so that we never have to compromise with are products quality.

Modular OT In Hospital

In our company when we are installing modular partition system in a modular operating theatre we always provides you key features like constant flow of extremely clean ‘bacteria-free’ air is reticulated below positive pressure into the working field and air pollutants produced during surgery are removed from the site, allows substrate moisture to escape and We also offer you the maximum number of diverse options in terms of high-end wall systems for your Hospitals. In MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd we install your Operation Theater ceiling system according to your performance requirements, all standards and regulations relating to operating theaters as well.We follow a strict quality structure in our company for manufacturing and installing modular partition system in your place.

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